Problem with my phone camera

Dear WP fellows,

I am facing a weird problem with my phone camera. In the preview i am seeing vertical lines moving left to right. This behavior is ONLY observed when i am inside the office under roof lights.

Most importantly the still pictures taken are clear without lines but in Videos these lines are present.

any idea?

similar image is attached;


Video link for quick reference.

recorded video playback also has those lines?

phone? model? how old? problem since when? happened before? etc... etc... etc.. etc...

Motorola XT1080 used phone (No warranty)

Recorded video also has those lines but still pictures are clear without lines.

Are you using the original JB or have you upgraded to KK? If you've upgraded to KK then that might be causing the issue, revert back and see if the problem still persists.

If not, then try upgrading to KK, there may be minor updates for the phone included which may fix the camcorder issues.


What you have discovered is a form of 'Aliasing' ... strobing effect caused by fluorescent lights ... look it up it's quite interesting!

(Hint: To solve you need to match the anti-flicker frequency with local electricity frequency)



@ Upsilon

Its on KK 4.4.4 and unfortunately, it cant be downgrade because NO unlocked boot available sofar.

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(Hint: To solve you need to match the anti-flicker frequency with local electricity frequency)


Can you please explain...

Do check the volts of your battery Bro . or try to put another new battery in it and then check .

it can b a volts issue .

This phone has a non-removable Li-Ion 2130 mAh :(

What battery info app shows is

Voltage 4.208V

Temp 30.6C

Health Good

make video in sunlight... then playback on your pc.. both videos and comp[are them..

In your camera settings, check video frames per second. Switch to higher FPS and then test your video again.

install lenovo cam app in your phone ;)

Hello Again!

There is no problem with either your phone or your phone's camera!!! You might have seen some video with a computer monitor (usually CRT) in it showing flicker or fast moving lines across it!

This occurs due to the fact that fluorescent lights usually work at (or close to) AC frequency (cyclical but we don't notice due to persistence of vision) whereas video is recorded usually at 25fps or 30fps (home video as per PAL or NTSC) causing a mismatch between the two ... usually resulting in a strobe or banding effect! Camera software uses algorithms to reduce this flicker but may not be successful at all times!

To reduce this problem, either low flicker (higher frequency) lighting may be used and/or higher frame rate be used! In fact, this problem is going to surface again as we shift to LED lights that also run either at AC frequency (low quality) or higher multiples of it (higher quality)!

All you have to do is to find out if you have Anti-flicker setting in your camera app (for video) and either set to Auto or 50Hz! If there is no option, ask your rom developer for guidance!

Here is a screenshot from a mobile:

And here is one from a camera:


Some sample footage (android phone) with both anti-flicker off(technically on but at incorrect frequency of 60Hz) and on(50Hz):

IE11 played these in the browser on my PC!

(.3gp extension with Mpeg-4 format and 3gp4 codec ... try MPC-HC if your media player can't play these)