Problem with my iphone 2G

i've been having problem with my iphone after i brought it...warid keeps on cutting my money i don't know what for! i think its the gprs but i don't use it! keep that my sim works perfectly fine with my other cellphone! thanks in advance

peace :P

keep in mind**

maybe sum program is running in da background and sending data over gprs.

wot prog...any guesses!

Open Cydia!

Install Sbsettings!

Swipe your finger over the upper part of the touch screen horizontally!

Disable Edge!

Just to make sure Enter a fake APN in settings as well!

how do i change the APN?

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network > APN

Enter something random into that field and you are all done.

thankx alot mate =P

Np mate :)