Problem using Wi-Tribe on my lappy

OK Guys.

I've recently got WiTribe USB Dongle from their franchise.

I installed it's software, plugged in the device did everything but I can't seem to get it worked on my Dell Laptop, It just says authenticating but gets disconnected after few seconds. Currently, I'm using Windows 7 64bit.

However, the internet is working fine on my Desktop PC. No problems at all.

I searched the internet for this problem but couldn't find any helpful topic regarding this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well I also struggled with the fact...... But later on it was coonfirmed by their CSR's frachises and engineer that the USB dongle for now not compatible with 64bit Operating systems..... while it will work perfectly with the 32 bit OS...

so m afraid you can only use with your desktop.... and not ur laptop.


I purchased wi-tribe connection for my laptop. Now, I'll have to refund :o

yeah.... i did the same thing :(..... and the amazing thing is..... i go any solutions soon, and they go not expected soon coz company is not promoting these dongles.... they are more concentrating on the other devices and also this is going to be fixed by motorola our vendor not us.... so u change to the other device or get it refunded....