Problem running games on windows 8.1

I have installed windows 8.1 on my pc and after that I installed a few games like AC4, GTA4 and NFS the run. Of these only nfs is running and the other games are not

opening due to an error named 0xc000007b. Need your help and also need opinion that should I change the windows or whether the problem can be resolved in this windows.

Some games are incompatible with Windows 8+. The ones you mentioned do work though. Install the latest updates for each of the games and they'll work.

Also make sure you've installed any required redistributable and other required softwares.

All the softwares like direct x and c++ have their latest versions installed. When I open the game it says that some dll file is missing from pc and when I installed it said that file can not open correctly due to the error I have already mentioned.

Solved!!!!!!!! Downgraded back to windows 7 ultimate and the games are running smoothly :D.