Problem, loading pictures while browsing

Tried all of them IE, Firefox, Safari.. Some of the pictures are no longer loading all the way. They start to load, but stop before they load completely. What do I need to do to fix the pictures? Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Is other browsing fine? I mean do pages load completely (except for the images) and are you getting proper speeds?

Yep everything else is fine, downloading, torrenting, youtubing etc

which connection you are using?

i guess there is some problem with your connection

40 mbps... You're using PTCL right? I am having the same problem with PTCL 1Mbps connection for months!

You are suffering from packet loss. Your connection is defective, contact your ISP.

If this was something that just was happening today, thats because there was a DoS attack against PIE.

His ISP is Connect Communication

this is common problem with cable nets

check too see if you are getting frequent request timed out on pinging to your cable net server

He is using VPN (PPTP).

His ISP is blocking images, they r showing advertisment in replacement of original imges.

As Kronic mentioned, im using connect communication, Kronic also has the same ISP but there's not such problem at his end.. Here are a couple of screenshots of what i get



what happens when you right click the image and click "view image". Does it open then?

Nope, 80% of the time, pictures never load completely

Very strange indeed. I'm stumped!

How about you clear you history, temporary files and cache and see what happens.

you are probably effected because of packet loss as raza mentioned

did you try pinging your cable net server and if there are any frequent request timed out

Seems like an ISP or PC issue. Try switching both to check if error persists.