Problem finding wifi network on cellular devices

Hi there , i have a problem with actually finding my wireless connection on my nokia device.

I have PTCL 1mb connection , zxdsl 831cii

Dlink dir 300wireless router.

The problem started a month ago when my mobile device stopped finding my connection in WLAN wizard. ( Before this period it was working A-OK )

( Devices used to find the network ; NOKIA 5530 , N81 , C7 , C5-03 , Iphone 3gs )

The fact that it was working a month ago and not now is the crazy part :S , and the freakiest thing is that it works just fine with my laptop ( my laptop can recognize as soon as i open it) I have tried just about every setting there is but to no avail .

Ps. i am no techie so please don't hesitate in treating me as a noob :)

Looking forward to your replies.




Could you share your wireless router's wireless settings? Is Wireless SSID Broadcast enabled or disabled?

yes it is enabled . And as far as the settings go , i have the same settings here

same is the problem with me my laptop recognizes it immediately and connects and keeps holding too and draw full downspeed too but my iphone is very "SUST" (SLOW) it doesnt find it immediately takes much freaking time and still starts loosing signal and disconnects then finds and then after some time it looses signal it keeps on doing that and doesnt even draw full download speed i am sick of it please help

if r not using dd-wrt, install it!!!

Any solid tutorials on how to install it on DLINK DIR-300 (googled it but couldnt find my device )

Also is there any other solution as unlike mib348 my cellular devices cant even locate(find) the network.


Alright , i did 3-4 firmware updates from here and there , and finally managed to get it running in my nokia n81 but still the same problem with nokia 5530,c7 and c5-03 .

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if r not using dd-wrt, install it!!!


could you tell me how to install it? ive tried every tutorial available :(