Problem configuration with WR641G and Ptcl ADSL Modem

few months back i purchased said wifi router and it was Working all ok.

but 1st time i had configured it by Easy setup Assistance by Dynamic IP.

it worked about 2 months okay.

then i disconnected and put it back in the box.

now i am trying to connect same wifi router but no success at all.

even i have resetted it with method

Power Off push reset button put power cable holding down reset button 15 seconds.

But easy setup assistance always shows error at last step.

i don't know the configuration by the web page e.g

any help would be much appreciated



here is ipconfig log



just double check you didnt give the ips in static.check all the setting of the dynamic ips in your router, your ptcl modem and your pc as well.then unplug the power both ptcl modem and your router plug first your ptcl modem and then router if the all ips dynamic then it should be work 100%.or run the setup in you router if you have one

i never tried static IPs since i know i don't have static IP.

plug unplug modem router sequence is okay in my case because i never disconnected ADSL modem.

so modem was already plugged in then i plugged router.

nothing comes handy