Printing e-books

I have a couple of ebooks that I'd like to print and then read. Monitor usually strains my eyes and due to load shedding issue sometimes I can't access them when I really have to. Each Book has around 400-500 pages... so I can't just print it on A4 size paper using a friend's printer (I currently don't have one).. I guess all the ink will also be used up! :P

Anyone done this before or has any tips? How to print those 400-500 pages in a book format - ECONOMICALLY?

It's not economical

black and white laser printer would be economical in the long run.. its fast and if you have a lot of pages, it'll be cheaper compared to ink jets.

Or try the local printer shops... mass printing... they might take .5 paisa (dont know the rates) or 1 rupee per page..

I don't know if they are available here, but there are some

fairly intelligent photo-copiers available elsewhere which

can place multiple pages of a document, reduced in size, on

a single photo-copy page. Or print double pages, on both

side of a photo-copy page, thereby maximizing your paper

real-estate. You can use this by manipulating Page Setup

in Word as well.

With these methods you can reduce the number of pages

that need to be inked. You can always get the cartridge

refilled with black ink, from Uni Plaza. There are dozens of

shops dedicated to this very process over there.




Sheikh 'Double-Ay' Chilli

try this software



Don't kill trees. Think before you print.

Good software but demo version. can be found torrent.

Thanks guys. Printing whole books does not look like a very feasible idea.. Its going to cost the same as the prices of books in local market.

Yeah I was thinking along the same lines. Not all the pages are required, so selected printing should do the trick.

Why do the trouble just use the duplex printing feature of you printer. All of my Hp printer have this feature. from the cheapest to the premium. This is for the automatic version but the manual duplex is also simple and easy.

As شیح چلی expalined also print multiple pages on a single paper. Still it's not economical. So Get a Ipad or Kindle.