Printer ink refil in Isb.. advice needed

salam all,

I have moved to islamabad from Lahore so I am still used to hafeez center prices.

Anyways I would appreciate if someone could list shops in Islamabad which refill printer cartridges at reasonable rates. Also where one could get printers serviced, monitors repaired.



p.s. admin I am reposting here.. did not get any response in the shops thread for few months. hope I am not breaking any forum rules.

Sixth road (on Murree Road), Rawalppindi.

A sideline question:

How long will a cartridge remain working. I wanna purchase a laser printer for someone. She wants to print ocassionally 5 or 6 pages (black) in a month.

After one or 2 years will it work or it gonna need some maintenance etc.?

Check the manufacturer website for estimates regarding number of prints that can be achieved from a single cartridge.

No I am not talking about refill. Will it continue working till it has ink, lets say for 5 years?

^ can't say for sure but a liquid must be stopped and blocked on terminals if not used for so long and remains open to air.

Beyond that... laser printer is better choice in all aspects.... a bit more money worth of it..

^Also keep in mind the expiry dates. My HP Officejet has expiry dates on it's cartridges (inkjet) . But I am not sure about laserjet printer cartridges.

There is a shop in Blue Area Ally Palza, @ Fazal-e-Haq Road in basement called Ali Brothers.

The Plaza is at the back of Kalsoom Palza.

They do good work.

Jazak Allah all,

I think i will try Mavericks suggestion.

best regards


what about busying CISS me too looking for that in karachi