Printer doesn't print after I refilled cartridge (HP DeskJet 2132)

I bought this new HP DeskJet 2132 printer. After its blank in ran out I went to shop who refilled it for Rs. 100. Once I installed that cartridge, the printer was still showing that there is no ink in it. Anyway I tried to print pages but it only printed 2 or 3 and after that it starts printing blank pages. I went to the same shop and he refilled again but even after that it just prints blank page.

Is it because he didn’t refill it properly or it is because of my printer which won’t allow refilled cartridge no matter what?

Has anyone successfully used refilled cartridges?

I have been using refilled cartridges for ages. After refilling the printer will always show empty cartridge because it only shows the ink level for original cartridges so no issues in that. There is a possibility that the cartridge might be choked if you have not printed for quite some time or you might try to refill it from some other place and the last option is to buy new cartridge.

Did you update your HP drivers?

HP did issue drivers that disabled refill’s, 3rd party and none genuine cartridges from working on their printers a few months ago.

the only way to find out, is to take them back and see if they show as full if they test them on one of their printers, if they show as full, your printer might have had none genuine cartridges disabled.

not sure if there is a fix for this, might work if you can find old drivers, but not sure.

  1. HP printer will not show ink level of refilled cartridge.
  2. To clear ink block in a black ink only cartridge, place just the print head part of the cartridge to about 1/4 inch depth in warm water (not very hot water) for a few minutes, then wipe dry with paper towel/tissue and reinstall in printer. This sometimes clears dried out ink in cartridge’s print head. DO NOT DO THIS FOR A COLOUR INK CARTRIDGE AS THE THREE INKS WILL RUN AND MIX, RUINING THE CARTRIDGE.