Price printing machine

I own a sports/toys store, located in Bahadurabd, Karachi. We have fixed prices therefore we have to put a price tag on each and every time. I want to buy price tag prrinting machine which should have an option to write my store name also, like we see the price tags of naheed store, imtiaz store, chaseup, etc.... How much will it cost? Is it available in Pakistan, if yes, from where can I get it? Today i wrote rs.15 550 times and believe me it was @#§%%....

Call on the Number Below they might have it

Casio Monga

1st Floor, Paradise Hotel Building,

Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar,



You wrote by hand ?

There are two types of price labels, One paper label (which you are using i think) can be printed from Labeler Gun, Second is Electronics which you mentioned as chaseup and naheed's are using.

Now it depend on your budget and your requirement, for Rs. 15 item i think paper price label suits you. visit that site hope u may find price tag machine which u exactly want. visit this site hope that u may find the exact machine which u want this is the exact link ....

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I actually use the price tag roll which are also used by others to print their price but we write the prices by hands on these price tags.....I have not seen or have any idea about those machines....what i've seen is only price tags samples from those superstores.