Premium VPN accounts

I recently got a germany based VPS and hosted OpenVPN on it. I am selling openvpn based vpn accounts. Easy one click install. minimum 15mbps per connection. Smooth HD streaming. Unblocks all websites including youtube

for testing vpn speed, you can download test file at


1. 250rs/month

2. 2000rs/year

100gb monthly data limit

email me at omernaeem11 at hot `m`a`'i'l d`o`t c`o`m


good move, unfortunately everyone will be looking for free stuff here not paid, it's pakistan dude.

yes I figured that out, but I started using paid VPN last year, now when it was about re subscription time, I decided to look for other options and I tried quite a few free options and it feels like driving a mehran after being used to civic

So i went for VPS, its a bit expensive but its fast, you get control and its so much fun with the things you can install and do on your VPS.

The resources were going much unused so I thought why not sell a few VPN accounts, but people are looking for 'mufta', so now I am only going to share with a couple of friends probably

Keep it up omernaeem17

You don't want mufta crowd anyway.

Didnt see the thread,OP am interested.What are your rules and methof of payment

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koder check your email. There are no as such rules, just ask what you would like to know about.

I prefer payments via bank transfer to MCB, but if thats difficult for you, you can do something like easy paisa or something else, we can figure that out

Ok I can't find any option to edit my post.

There is another package i.e. 1199rs for 6 months. That can be availed too

+1 again

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