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Since IAMX is getting closer and closer to offer everything that you need to build a new computer, i thought it would be a good idea to offer pre configured systems to IAMX customers. The purpose behind this would be to take away the hassle of selecting the components yourself first and then getting them delivered to your place and then going through the whole process of setting it up, and not to forget in a clean and presentable way. No one wants to build a new pc with wires dangling around in the case and spoiling the whole look even if its a budget pc. Well this is where IAMX steps in. We'll select the best components that are possible in a fixed budget and put them together, assemble your whole system and send it to you so all you have to do is take it out of the box, press that power button and enjoy.

Now Im thinking ill have around 3 categories in pre configured systems.

Budget/Home/Office PC

This will be the cheapest pc that we can build without compromising on quality. This will be suitable for those who just want to purchase a system to browse the internet, watch movies, or do casual gaming. No hardcore stuff and hence it wont be burning a hole in your pocket either.

Heres something i put together for a customer at the office today and thought of sharing with you guys. Its still not complete as you can see in the pics....but i still thought of sharing with you guys.


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Mid-EndGaming Systems

These will of course be gaming systems that will be able to play games at Medium/High Settings. Im thinking systems with GTX 550Ti Cards

High-End Gaming Systems

These will be the ones which will be able to run anything that you throw at it at High Settingsat a certain res of course.Systems with GTX 560Ti Cards

Ultra-High End Gaming Systems.

Well i dont think i need to mention anything about these systems. These will be the most top of the line pcs that you can have. Im not talking about systems that cost like 200,000 with GTX 580 sli or whatever, systems built sensibly so they dont break the bank and also handles any game you want to play at any resolution that you want to.


Apart from the systems im thinking of adding overclocked bundles for IAMX customers. Want a processor and motherboard but dont have the knowledge on how to overclock or too scared? dont worry, we'll have a package of motherboard, processor, ram and cooler that will come pre overclocked out of the box. All you have to do is install in your system and switch the pc on. Components will be thoroughly stress-tested atleast 48 hours before they ship out to the customers so that their stability and compatibility with each other is ensured.

Do let me know what you guys think about this. If its a good idea or not. Ill appreciate your suggestions on this. smile.png


Any estimated pricing for the various tier systems? What would be included? Just the casing and stuff installed inside it or the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc as well?

Which casing is shown in the pics?

From what I know the entry level will cost about 33k+- which'll have:

i3 2100 (Sandy bridge)

ASRock h61-hvgs


Xigmatek 400W PSU (which can run a GTX 460 e.t.c)

HDD (No idea about capacity)

DVD-RW (Samsung probably)

Branded casing (Bitfenix Merc Alpha probably)

No graphics card but the user will be able to get display from the processor's IGP and no AFAIK just a complete system excluding mouse, keyboard and screen.

The casing in the pic is BitFenix Merc Alpha