PR1 Football Streaming site For Sale


I am selling my site here instead of Flippa because I want to give my pakistani brothers a chance to earn money from home. This is something you can call Patriotic streak in me. If I fail to get a buyer from Pakistan, i will post this on flippa.

here are the details:::::

What is is a football streaming site and a blog. It was created on Oct 2009 and is already PR1. The football streaming niche is very lucrative if you know a bit of html and wordpress administration. not only streams matches online, it is also a blog which publishes hot football news and related articles. It also have a download area with cpalead imposed.. Many people download football DVDs from there.

Since the advent of Worldcup 2010, you can definitely earn $40,000 in one month streaming the matches online and publishing articles.

When I say you can earn $40,000 in a month of June streaming Worldcup matches, I am not assuming it. Earning $40,000 in this month will be very easy if you do specific steps each day.. It is a science not assumption depending on your time or attention. Neither does it require you to do extra effort. It is as easy as 123.

PLEASE READ THIS: earnings are solid and it will carry on when you take over. You do not have to work hard or think of new ideas to generate $1300 or $1500/month approx. If you follow the steps and the streaming information that I am going to share with you (teach you in an hour), you will start earning $1300 to $1500/month approx.

I was very active on Watch Live Football from Oct 2009 to December 2009. Then I left it because my wife was having a baby and it was delivery time. Since my wife is doing a very hectic job, I had to be at home caring for my son. That's why I never got enough time to do the proven steps to get more traffic to the site each month… Even then, adsense income was steady due to good placement. I was only experimenting with placement to increase click through rate.

That's why you will get a very huge drop in the traffic from January 2010 to May 2010. I understand that you might be skeptic about this. But think about it. If this site was not getting good traffic, how come it got PR1 so early?

So decide well…!

What will you get?

You will get the domain and all the content it hosts and everything from wordpress files and the whole blog in general. In addition to this, You will get the step by step guide on how to stream a match online without needing any hardware to take streams from the T.V. Moreover, you will know how to promote and get visitors on the site..


By saying that you will get visitors to the site is definitely not an assumption. It is a set of steps that you need to do to get visitors. You will get plenty of visitors to earn adsense and cpa lead revenue streams. If you do the step (even if you make small mistakes) you will get all the targeted visitors you will ever need, period.

Please be informed that the streaming information document and how to get visitors to watch football matches on your site is worth the price alone because no one will ever teach you how to do it, period..!

Earnings earns $900 to $1234 approx from Adsense and cpalead combined.

In the beginning, I used to do the steps to get visitors and the adsense income was around $1500+ a month… If you do the same, you will get it around that. Since World Cup has gone and it has earned me quite a lot of money, you can earn a lot from English premier League matches starting from 13th of August and it remains all year round along with Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, Spanish primera division etc.

Bringing traffic is easy. Even if you don't know much about streaming, you can get around it


This site doesn't need much maintenance except upgrading the wordpress plugins sporadically and updating the site with fresh content.

Reason for selling

I am selling this site because I need money for which is a dream project for me. Since I failed to get a decent investor for it, I am selling this site. is a project that need 100% attention. So I am selling off my online assets to gather money for marketing the site.

Technical knowledge required to operate the site! (important)

You should know a bit of HTML for streaming the matches. It is basically copy pasting the snippet of code.. I have created a VIDEO for it, so you will learn it within 10 minutes. If you understand basic HTML tags, you're good to go..

This training is worth the price of the site alone!

I will give you the streaming information document that has steps outlined to help anyone streaming football matches online. Even a 10th grader can easily understand it. It is super easy.

The training includes:

1. How to stream a football or any match – (5 minutes)

2. How to bring super targeted traffic ( 10 minutes)

3. How to get 10,000 uniques per day ( very easy and requires only 10 minutes)

4. How to write linkbait articles to rank for gold keywords.

Do not consider this site a full time job in anyway.. It only requires a total of 3 hours or less per day to earn $1500/month adsense money only. I am so confident that you can do it, that I am willing to bet my name on it…

About the adsense income and the traffic

I tweaked my adsense to give me over $10 CPC for a click and I have very good ad filters that I learned over the time. So the adsense gives me more clicks due to good placement (around 23% CTR – Click through rate). I will set up your adsense account myself so you can get the same CTR and CPC…

Even if you get low traffic (highly unlikely during worldcup 2010), you will be able to make good adsense money due to good CTR and CPC.

I also started using cpalead on the download area of and got very good response. I am attaching the cpalead screenshot as well. You can put more goodies in the download area and get more cpalead money.

Questions are welcome. I have priced this site for quick sale. It has so much potential that it will become a very very reliable revenue stream for you for years to come... Football popularity will never fade and people will continue to watch football matches online.

I have all the adsense screenshots, traffic screenshots and everything you need. So pm me your email address and I can send you a zip files with all the screenshots.

For your information, is ranking for some of the best keywords and it will very near for two BIG keywords i.e. live football, and watch live football. If you can get 130 backlinks for these two keywords ( I will give you a list of 130 sites that are authority for backlinks), you will be ranking for watch live football sooner and it brings over 100,000 uniques a month. is ranking for:

1 - hot stream live football ( out of 2nd out of 57,200,000 results)

2 - live friendly matches (ranking 10 out of 19,100,000 results)

3 - friendly matches today ( ranking 3rd out of 20,800,000 results)

4 - Soccer matches today ( ranking 5th out of 7,060,000 results)

5 - beckham coach (ranking 1st out of 1,600,000 results)

and many many more.. I am currently ranking on first page for around 40 to 42 keywords..

Search for you self. Make sure you search not

The site is priced at $9500.. and thats for my pakistani brothers. I will sell this for over $10k at flippa..



please pm me screenshots......

Hello Ammar,

Okay I will pm you the screenshots.. but remember the price is $9500 (dollars) for the site

you have page rank 1 and asking for $9500.



it's not about PR1, it about adsense money and the traffic. I am earning over $900/month from this site alone.. hence the price.. and it is a rule all over the web that the price of the site should be about 1 year of earnings..

if you are earning 900/$ then save it and invest it for your dream project. I suggest you not to sell it . My website is and i am currently working on it made few sections and based on web 2.0 version. lets see where my efforts take me

can you pm me some earning proofs ?

Hello Xainnadeem,

Please give me your email address. I will send it to you as an attachment. PM me your email address.


i cant post my email here, kindly post your phone number i will sms you my email.


$900 Per month :s

Why are you selling this hen which lays gold Eggs ??

I am selling this site because I am working on which is going to be live within next 2 months. I need funds to pay developers and designers and I also need funds to market it... Hence selling the best site I got - If I had time, I'd certainly be running it. But alas, I don't have a bit of time. When the English Premier League starts day after tomorrow, I won't have time to show it. Alas, I wish I could have kept this site. :(

reply sent.....

What do you mean Ammar77.. I never got any of your replies. Please send again. Thanks.

You did try to sell it on flippa, however, the auction is now canceled and you are banned?

Hello 0.O,

Look at the date of the auction. I bought this site from this guy who got this auction banned because he was trying to con me and was trying to take more money from another prospective buyer. That buyer reported him and he got banned. So look at the date. He is from England. I bought this site from him in November and worked on it..... This guy's name is Thomas Smale and he is an active person at You can google his name.. was his site and i bought it, installed Wordpress, SEO'd it and bought loads of traffic on it.. As you can see from the screenshots that i am sharing... that the income for the site was started in November onwards..

My account on Flippa is ServeHumans and you can see that I was the first to comment on the Flippa thread you mentioned. Tell me what proofs you want and I can show you everything..

I can actually show you the contract we did for in November.

For those of you who want to talk to thomas smale, go to and search for Thomas Smale and PM him..

As said before, I will def. sell it on flippa if i dont get a good response from here. and when I do I will share the flippa link with you all :)



I sent you an email using email feature of this forum. Did you get? Anyway, can you please send traffic and revenue proofs to my email? It's ahmed747 [at]

Sure.. mate. Sending you the email Now.



i sent u sms with my email address...

Ammar77, I never got your SMS. please send it again..



send at ^^^^^^^ [at] hotmail [dot] com