PPC Site Development help

i am looking to launch a PPC site like neobux,Specially for pakistani user's n pay them by Easy load or other mobile payment system,but also for whole world but special target will be pakistani people,how to design it,is there any script available for ppc site please suggest me,what to do.is good idea?or any web designer want to help me voulentrially i will be very thankful to him

yup there are many scripts available... visit some warez forum or search for some free script...

Thanks shokaT i have tried too Google it but did not succeed yet to find anything for me,as i am not very good in web designing etc, i have designed few websites with softwares like webpage maker one you see in my signature,i need specific information regarding ppc site development because there are 10000's of ppc site currently runing across the globe with number of user;s from Pakistan,so if there will be one for Pakistani;s with instant cash out like mobile voucher;s it will be good for them and also webmaster can earn good bucks,please any one wants to help me i am still looking for it.................

You`d have to go custom, i am indeed working on my custom coded CMS, on its conversion for PPC, so what are your motifs, maybe a joint venture can be called upon.


Muhammad Bilal