Powerman ups not charging to 100%

I have a powerman UPS and yesterday its fuse got melted and i replaced it with a new one. I havent noticed it before but today i noticed that the battery status never goes beyond 27%. I called an electrician and after checking it he told me that powerman ups never charges beyond 27% as he owns one and it never goes beyond 27%. Guys is it true? If not then please suggest me any reason for not charging beyond 27%. Besides this issue everything is working perfectly fine

How old is the battery ?
What is the condition of battery wires / terminals ?
Any signs of corrosion / oxidation ?
Did the UPS showed 100% when it was installed new ?

This % charging indicator works by measuring the battery voltage.If backup time is OK, most likely the UPS internal measuring system is messed up and it is nothing to worry about.

Thank you so much sir, apparently it is an issue with my ups display. As the backup time is still like it used to be.
My batteries are about a year old, in perfect condition, the terminals are working fine.

How about this ? Did it ever show full 100% level ?

Yes i remember it used to show 100% before it fuse got short. Still the backup time is same but the max charge it shows is 27%

It will again go back to 100% for short time when you replace your batteries. Your % meter is probably calibrated for some other type of batteries.

So keep using it without any worries.