Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Living in a double story house and struggling with signal strength on the first floor through PTCL provided wifi router. Have installed a wifi repeater, but it essentially kills the speed of internet to half if not more. Does not help in streaming videos on first floor. Cannot have a wired solution as wiring in the current ducts not possible, and cant have a wire hanging all over the house. So, keeping these things in mind, I am thinking a powerline ethernet adapter. Is anyone using such a solution? Review? Feedback? I went in the market to buy one but the guy mentioned that it has failed in Pakistan as we have UPS installed in our homes and its not compatible with that. I also have UPS wiring installed at my place, will it work over UPS as well?

Appreciate all the good input that I can get.

Which wifi repeater are you using and what limitations are you facing?

If you just want to share internet connection via wifi, halving of speed is not a concern unless your bandwidth is being limited by the inter-router connection speed.

Thanks for replying Asad.

I am using Merlin Wifi repeater.. The limitation is that i have an 8 mb connection and when its extended through repeater i get an output of roughly 2 MB.. Along with higher pings, which is not suitable for video streaming. So, need a solution (other than the one involving ethernet wiring all over the place), which could give me atleast a good 6mbps out of the 8mbps.

What wireless 802.11 variant does the main router and the repeater comply with? Repeaters are finicky. Some work well. Most don't.

I don't know about this Merlin brand or its performance.


Some things to try:

- Try logging in to the repeater and see if it shows some stats like connection mode and strength

- Try to reposition the router and repeater to try to get better signals across ... also may try tilting the antenna ... sorry, but, as each environment is different you'll have to experiment (Another person and an app like Netgear's Wifi Analytics would help)

- Try to use less congested wireless channel in your area

- Try going wifi n (with WPA2 AES alone) only if all your devices support it and try enabling WMM on the router if supported (advanced: enable WMF, No-ACK)

(with wireless g 54Mbps the usual throughput is around 2MB/s (16Mbps) ... even the latest wifi spec gives poor throughput at good distance relative to wired ... http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wi-fi-extender/ ... That is why LiFi seems to be making news!)

and ...

- If this Merlin brand is like the one 'As Seen on TV' then it might not be that good ... with a one radio device, the 'speed' would obviously cut in half for a repeater but with MIMO tech common these days, it shouldn't be much of a problem

- powerline adapters should work ... might put them on the 'house' wiring circuit instead of the one for 'ups' ... though as a tip, one can wire the UPS via the cutouts on the power board instead of routing additional cables

- I have a pair of powerline adapters (devolo dlan 200 avplus kit) new-in-box and might try these sometime and let you know though we don't have separate cabling for ups



Hi Ahmed, Thank you for the detailed reply.. Appreciate it. Will try these things and revert. Also, if you can review the devolo dlan 200 avplus kit, that would be great. Sadly, my home does already have separate wiring for UPS. :( So it would be great if you are able to test it on such power system as well..

Tried to find the powerline adapters but to no avail. Finally went ahead with drilling a hole in the wall and calling the electrician to neatly "embed" the lan cable in the wall. But, since then PTCL has degraded my download speed. The downlink on my router is around 4,000.. Instead of the 9 to 11,000 for an 8mbps connection.. :(

Hello Again!

Sorry I couldn't post earlier (it's the cold) and the adapters are still sitting there somewhere ... no need for that now I guess ... perhaps I'll try sometime later ... anyhow ... as far as the speed downgrade is considered, there are many things to consider (a LAN cable install shouldn't impact that) including any change in line conditions (sync rate, noise margins) or some changes at the backend or perhaps with good signals around someone/something might be using the internet (like background downloads) ... at least you don't have to worry about wifi throughput between the two routers anymore!



Agreed. Thanks for your support..