Powering EchoLife HG 510a with a usb port

as u guyz know the wapda problem .. i dont have UPS. but i got a LAPTOP . a ptcl lineman told me u can cut the adaptors wire and connect it to a usb port . i have EchoLife HG 501a ptcl router.i connected that but the problem is that the routers input is 5V or 1A .. a usb output is 5v but not 1A .. and when i connect it the power light glows. but its too dim... and dosent work.

when i connect my wireless router . which is W308R from TENDA . with power input 9V and 1A . when i connect the ups cable to it the lights turn on but all the lights starts blinking. no stability . need help..

what im actually looking for. is to run the router by proving its power from my laptops battery through a USB port .. there are people who have done it u can google it. if any 1 here can help me out then let me know asap .

why you would want to destroy your laptop battery!!!