Power Supply to start a car?

Is is possible/safe to use a power supply of 12 V to start your car in case the battery is dead? Does any one know where you can buy such a power supply and what should be the specs?

Unless it can provide the needed current, I doubt it. A deep cycle 12V lead battery can be used, though.

Any vid of how its done?


i have tried it, i have a charger for charging standard 12V batteries, one day when i forgot to turn off lights of my mehran, i tried to start the car by directly connecting it with the plugs, i was able to turn on the switch but was not able to start the car, it can not even ignite using these chargers....

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Instead of wasting your money on buying especially designed power supply that can start a car, a human push from the back of the car is enough to start it. :rolleyes:


what if he have a PROSMATEC car ? :rolleyes::P


yes its possible but make sure you supplying only V12 not more than this and in your car there is a coil which handled all current in your car (only manual car can start with human pushing) automatic cars need battery


If push starting is not possible, you can also connect jumper cables from another car to the dead battery and start it. (You should make sure the other car is running however; you don't want to end up with two dead batterys!)