Power Supply SUgestion!

well guys my current power suply is of xpert [came with casing] it is 300W

but my VGA card says tht 400W power suply is recomended

so are spare power suplies available

and also tell me which power suply i should buy and also gimme some prices of them


man they are damn expensive

tell me is it possible to keep going with this suply

Get the CM Extreme Power 460W supply. Which gfx card and how many HDDs do you have in your system?

Don't get a cheap supply which could damage your PC equipment.

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man they are damn expensive

tell me is it possible to keep going with this suply


your computer may restart if u use that supply

dude those supply arnt gud at all... go for a branded 1 it may cost more but theyll save u hassle.... asad is right http://galaxy.pk/store/powsply.htm go 4 any 1 of em.....

Check Your PSU Requirement From this website


you gonna have computer restarts, hangups and sudden shutdowns, trust me i've been there and since you gonna a power supply go for more than 400 like 420 or 440 coz 420 is the one which is gonna provide exact 400 watts. like your 300 is providing actually 270.

forget about getting a decent PSU in less than 3k

get a cooler master PSU!

im using coolmaster's 500W PSU.(PCAR-500 i think) cost me around 3400 (i think!) and its working wonderfully great. Just got a radeon HD 4850. gona hook it up two weeks latr wen im bak home

A 460watt CoolerMaster PSU is holding up my PC pretty good.

1 x SATA 200GB WD 7.2k 16mb cache

1 x IDE 80GB WD 7.2k

1 x Sony DVD-RW SATA

1 x Inno3d 9600 GSO

Core2Duo e4400

P5B-MX-Wifi mainboard (integrated VGA, sound, LAN, and Wifi)

2x1GB DDR2 667 RAM

1 USB RF for wireless mouse/keyboard

1 USB Camera

1 USB External HDD


i just got two restarts in the early using of my card

i mean after 10-15 minutes

frm tht time no more restarts it running fine...