Power Supply Recommendation?

Salam to all members,

My PC specs are:

Processor - C2D 2.0Ghz


Graphic Card - ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 (recommended power: 400 watts or higher)

HDD - Segate 500GB (SATA)

HDD - Western Digital 80GB (SATA)


DVD Writer (SATA) - Samsung

My current PSU is of 300 watts (a-open). I need your valuable suggestions regarding how many watts should I upgrade my PSU to. A couple of computer shop guys told me that 400 watts would be sufficient.

Also suggest good brands too.


buy Corsair GS800 its good PSU!

450W supplies from either Coolermaster or Thermal Take.

I heard Coolermaster have capacitor leakage issues...

Corsair GS800 is Good for your pc

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I heard Coolermaster have capacitor leakage issues…


There is problem with cooler master. I have 02 power supplies with same issue. May be this problem was with some particular lot of supplies and not with every product from cooler master.

Avoid Cooler Master. Corsair, thermaltake, antec, Xigmatek have better reputation. Buy atleast an 80 plus bronze/ silver/ gold certified psu.

I have used Thermaltake Litepower, Coolermaster eXtremePower and Corsair HX620W. The former two work very well and are cheaper compared to Corsair.

The top two brands would be Corasir and Seasonic, IMO, but those are only for higher end systems. Basic system as listed in OP doesn't need that class of PSU.

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450W supplies from either Coolermaster or Thermal Take.



Thanks a lot guys for suggestions. I couldn't wait much so I ended up buying CoolerMaster extreme power plus 500W (460W wasn't available). I hope no leakage issues will be faced. :)