Post your mobile internet speed test

format of post below

warid prepay

nokia 6220c

and whats your's?

(please do not use computer to test internet speed only use your mobile internet browser or opera browser)

Dude. I think you did the test on Opera Mini which would give incorrect results due to data compression. 460kbps is too much for a mobile. Try agian with the normal web browser on your mobile. I got 20.785kpbs on Warid Prepay.

okay here is result which i tested with nokia browser

318.725 Kbps

latency 0.759 seconds

transferred 100 KB in 2.51 sec.

Line warid prepay

Location Dinga city

That's awesome man! Speeds are that good in your area? You can easily browse the web on your computer with this speed!

^ yes i use my sim card in hspda usb 7.2 mbps and pulg it into my laptop n get amazing speed i can even download 5mb in seconds and talk with my yahoo msn pals without any problems

Oh by the way. I will post updated results as I was using an old Sony Ericsson w850 and it only has GPRS, no EDGE. Just bought Nokia X2. Will upload results with it soon.