Post The Funny Ads You Find at WiredPakistan

I hope that mods will tolerate this thread as a joke :)

Even if you haven't yet read KO's post you might have noticed that now we have ads in our Wired Pakistan forums. If you haven't yet turned off adblock for then I'll highly recommend to do so.

Time to time, you might see some ad that is bit funny. If you find such ad then go ahead and post it here and share with us all. Instead of blocking ads, let's pay a little attention to them, share them and have a heartily laugh at them.

My ads are (with my comments):

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Monden DSL Splitters POTS, ISDN splitters available. Excellent quality with great price!

Make sense, I am in tech related forums.

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Jobs in Pakistan Find jobs in Pakistan 100% free - Join the OLX community!

Ah jobs, so many people, so little jobs. Job ads works everywhere.

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Wireless Libya Satellite Communications in Libya

Missed by few thousand miles. It's Pakistan here. I hope their system will figure it out and will display more Pakistan related ads.

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Meet Single Muslim Men Meet Single Muslim Men for marriage Muslim site, chat. Join free now

Dude, WTF?!?! Show me ladies, not men. This is crazy! :lol::P

OLX is also a dating website. :mellow:

Posted in some other thread:

I'm geting singles ads and ads for web development....

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Meet singles in Pakistan Date singles in Pakistan on OLX: 100% free personals!

Precision Magnetometers Metrolab: expert for high-precision and high-field magnetometers

Meet Single Muslim Men Meet Single Muslim Men for marriage Muslim site, chat. Join free now


They have increased the number of single ads for me? :lol:

I guess their algorithm has detected that in these forums there are more men so why not give them “single ads” :lol:

Some progress. "Singles ads" is still on top but now we have some solutions for our load-shedding :P Bio-gas and solar :P Government of Pakistan need to learn a thing or two from these ads :lol:

^ Below average photoshop skills. :P

All we need is money.... No matter what ads we are forced to see.... So enjoy....:-)




The last ad of Girl Friend is odd and funny. ''Cheap world; Cheap Thoughts''.






Hotel for only gays :D


Doctor Jorge seems like a important person. :P


OMG! There are 132,878 smart Pakistanis! :D

Speaking of ads,

check out's ads


We get these in the UK, this one is the most bizzare one

They also have a series of stupid video ads, worth watching and having a laugh at this link.