Possible Loan Facilties Available in Pakistan


Guys I've been in a need of educational loan for quite some time but here in Pakistan only the corrupt politicians are blessed enough to be given bank loans. <_<

Anyways, I know many of you have encountered such situation in your life where you wanted money badly but you couldn't find any organization to lend you that amount.? :o

I've also encountered the same scenario but couldn't find any solution other then relatives...which at times seems as if your stampeding you self respect.

So are there any institutions which can lend loans worth 15-20lac for a period of 2yrs. Preferably be Interest Free Loan. What is the procedure of getting such huge amount from banks..? DO they simply give away it easily...lyk there are for building house n stuff...

Do let me know any way of getting a 2yr term loan for such amount...! :)

Bump...16views and no Reply..interesting...Come on fellaws this needs to be discussed.!


What all banks required is security of their loan.If you can provide them in any form that will do the Job.You can contact many banks like MCB,NBP etc for Student loan.Their terms are soft as compare to terms of commercial loan.

You can ask on our website.