Ports of television

i am not a technical person but i am interested in technical stuff. there are a lot of ports in tv. i want to know that which port is required for which purpose. i want to know about HDMI, RCA, VGA and other ports and which devices they can be connected with?



Curiosity brought us to where we stand today as a species .. but yea it also probably fried a lot of people's tv sets :P

@OP: They are all video input ports developed over history. Any device which throws out video signals will support one or more of them. RCA is very old, analogue video. A majority of devices will have it, but newer devices will usually ditch it. VGA is again analouge and fairly old, staple with computers and gaming consoles, sometimes present in other devices like DVD\BlueRay Players and Set-Top boxes. HDMI is fairly new, digital video interface, most newer devices will have HDMI support, or may even ditch RCA\VGA in favor of HDMI. The only other important port is RF, it carries modulated analogue video (channels) and is used by antennas\cable etc. some compatibility devices will take in other forms of video and output modulated video for prehistoric televisions and other stuff.