PortForwarding +KaliLinux

hye every one i need some help here i want to port forward 443 i think thats https port and i want to use it in my kali linux payloads but whenever i port forward from PtclRouter AdvancedSetup>>NAT and Add option for port forward and then i use canyouseeme-org it still shows he cant see any service on my public ip 39.XX.XX.XX.. kindly tell if some can help me in this problem...

i am trying to exploit PC's over WAN and also on LAN if there are multiple users who got the exe or apk file and used together to which pc or cell phone we will be connected to? and if succeed to add a back door then when we close our meterpreter instead of rebooting victims pc and again starting listner then what we will have to do? use exploit? or something else? and what when we already had exploited many computers on LAN or WAN then how we select a specific one?


I hope you do realize that KaliLinux is only for testing security of your own (organization's) devices when you are responsible for maintaining their security and asked to do the same (like an IT security audit) or testing security of devices while receiving training in an educational setting! Otherwise, whatever you are trying to do (even if you mean no harm) is illegal under the law in Pakistan and a criminal offence hence punishable by law.



Does PTCL allow port 443, 80, 21, 22 etc?