Port problem i think?

My problem is quite weird I believe or maybe I think it's weird. I'm using PTCL broadBoard since PTCL started services in my area. I'm on Adiala Road Rawalpindi.

I remember that I've applied for IPTV plus 1MB package. But, IPTV didn't work well with me so I got it disconnected after couple of months. After that, I kept using 1MB Dsl with no problems. Recently, I've applied for an upgrade to 4MB and with some long wait (approx. 2 months) my modem synchronized to 4MB but that speed I'm getting is still 1MB that happened to many guys here.

Somebody here told me that my User ID ain't upgraded yet that's why am not getting 4MB speed though my modem is synchronizing at 4MB. I checked and called 1218 and they called me back tell me that everything at their is okay and working normal. Finally, I got a cal from 1218 it's quite pleasing to me ears. They couldn't solve the problem today and lodged another complaint. After that I went to the cabinet here on Adiala road where my jumpers/ports are connected. I talked to the AM or whatever he is and discussed with him the problem am facing. He told me that maybe it is happening because of IPTV connection you had? I'm wondering, Did IPTV really leave her trail on my dsl ports? He told me, maybe changing of ports might help you and I asked him to change but he is not going to change it because he don't wanna work.

My questions is:

Has IPTV to do something with my DSL? How to change ports of my existing Dsl connection? :)


Waqas !

Disconnect your PTCL connection and go with another ISP preferably one that doesn't use phone lines as the transmission medium. As it stands now it looks like PTCL expects its customers to get a telecoms engineering degree and solve their problems themselves.

I hate that word "Monopoly". I'm not in Karachi man. There ain't not much options we have. Ptcl itself good but the system inside PTCL makes me "yawn". :)

^ Disconnect your current connection and apply for a new one after few days.You will get a fresh pin/port :D

That's the last thing probably am gonna try but am hopeful maybe PTCL might get interested in my problem. :P

go to ur concerned xhnge and talk with the dsl officer .tell him ur problem in detail

only this is goin to help

there is no other way

man IPTV has nothing to do with the port it actually enhances ur port by enabling multicasting on it....the problem might be due to manual port patching which most of the exchange ppl do....

All above replies have nothing to do with what the Topic starter talked about !

Simply call 1218 and ask them that Your port has been upgraded but your billing package is still 1 mbps , Kindly update it in BNC system.

Thats all !

Cheers !

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go to ur concerned xhnge and talk with the dsl officer .tell him ur problem in detail

only this is goin to help

there is no other way


It worked with some methai. :) Instead of going to exchange. I went to the cabinet. I think, lower staff in PTCL can do anything. If you pay the pills of their lunch. :)

I’m getting 4MB now and it’s because of AM was such an a**.