Port forwarding disabled by "mac binding" process at wateen

Anybody able to use port forwarding after wateen has done their mac binding thing (that is currently going on) ?

Or is it not working these days ?

Wateen helpline is swamped (very hard to get through), which is a suggestion that there are major problems for wateen customers.

Wateen franchises also saying they have their hands full with the mac binding.

It is just amazing how incompetent wateen is - incompetent upper management have no idea who to hire for tech support. Then both hide behind wateen helpline who are clueless about port forwarding.

wateen member said me:-

wateen is working on this it will resolve as soon as possible

i ask him how u know they are working on this...he said

i m working in wateen so i know about this wateen working on this issue they also resolve major issue but some issue are in pending

Yes, the issues you have are pending. Meanwhile they have resolved other issues unrelated to you.

u can do pot forwording now>?

port forwarding still not working

hi to all,can any body tell me how to forward port with wateen motorolla 600i device.i will be greatull for this help.i want to use u torrent