Poor and fraud billing from WiTribe

CC: PTA Complaint Head quarter



I have purchased one USB device from WiTribe but because of non-working of that device, I have returned that device to WiTribe outlet to very second day. I have deposited Rs. 4,000 for device charges of this device. I then asked to sales person to give me WiFi Device in place of this device whose startup charges was Rs. 2500. I asked sales person to refund of Rs 4000 as USB device was returned on very second day. Sales person told me that you can simply adjust its refund in your new device 2500 initial charges and Rs.

1500 in next month billing. After one month service, my services was cancelled because of non-payment. I contacted WiTribe customer support and they told me that there is no way possible of this adjustment. And sales person lied to you. And I should contact Sales person to get its refund.

Sales person is not giving any refund and not giving any adjustment. He is also not picking my phone as well.

Ticket number already created with WiTribe


My Service ID is


Device was purchased from Witribe Aisha Manzil Outlet: Cellphone number of sales person: 0345-2229069


Shahzad Godil

That's to bad :(

my Advice is to Open a Complain in PTA and tell them the number of the Person

They will deal with him :P

Every ISP is rotten. Especially the Wimax ones :/. Its amazing that companies like these are given awards based on their extremely underwhelming customer service.

if its true then its very bad !no one goto the ayesha manzil outlet.