Plz tell what is the best side buisness in 10 lak

hi i am a dentist and i wanna know which is the best side business for me that i can do whether it is related to computer/net or any one

i have 10,000,00

what is your location?

well preferable is a self running restaurant.

Try to make a Shop for digital services like Photo Printing, Compsoing Urdu / English, Photocopy, CD/DVD Writing, email/fax and many other services like that

i am a dentist and have no time to look after that business i just want some thing where i can invest or buy something

my location is gujranwala pakistan

if you cant give time to whatever business you do, then best is not to do that business.

Either chose what you can do yourself anoud else just spend those 1M on you or your family else people whom you will depend will ....... :) my suggestion :D


ok let me know which is the best way to use 1 million if i give time ?

Now you are talking when u can give time you can do anything :)

but if i were you and have 1M i would go and try to buy and sell cars as i have found it bit more stylish :) changing car every week :D and profitable like 10 thousand to 100 thousands per car depends but this business is only good if you are a car lover as the profit is decided when u go and buy a car :) one of my uncle and a cousin doing this and are getting good 50 thousand on average per month but this is only bright side the dark side sometimes you loose like 100 thousand to 200 thousands per car :D

another option

if you have village and some land there go and start sheep and goat farming its awsum business and i personally starthing this after Eid as i am going to get some perfessional advice from live stock and dairy development department

both business can be managed with 1M i know this is tech forum and you mainly looking for tech related business :) but i would say thats what i think atm :)

Purchase a land in some nearby village. Build like a farm house covered 4 sided. 1,2 rooms & rest for the fish farming place. and lsuh green garden for sitting.

Fish farming is really profitable business and you have nothing to take care about.Its food is really inexpensive.

In 4-5k you can easily hire a "chotta" for take care.

Enjoy your weekend there with you family.

thanks buddies for help but u did not clear that should i buy the land u take as rent ?

i dont think there is any land which is so cheap even in the villages

Don't buy the land first let this land mafia gov go then think about it currently Land grabbers are very active with full support of GOV

hmmmm i am much confused :(

you can get the land ceap easily in villages even these days not sure about the gujrawala or any other area but in rwp we an get good land to start farming what i suggested

What I have heard from the grapevine, is that people with money

in this bracket, outside the urban centers, buy 1-2 cars, employ

drivers to go with them and then rent them out. It could be either

by the hour (time), or a specific distance.

Your demographic would be those people, who wish to travel to

say, Lahore, for a business, medical or pleasure trip. Your over-

head would be insurance and usual maintenance of the vehicle,

plus a fixed salary for the driver(s). This business entails minimum

level of commitment, in terms of time spent.

Else, you could buy a small shop in a commercial center and give

it out for rent. You would retain the property title and get regular

monthly payments on it as well. In time, you could become a real

estate tycoon, who pulls teeth in his spare time!

Sheikh 'Waqai' Chilli

thanks i think buying a shop is better idea

what ever business you choose may Allah keep you far away from bhatta groups..

My suggestion is to open up a silent cottage industry of T shirt and screen printing >> make a website for your business and try to sell products online :)

Lower investment, Lower chances of bhatta and if marketed well then higher chances of handsome profit

build a family fun center or tourist attraction, in this business you can yield huge profits i suggest you set up roller coaster and some other scary amusement rids

i just wanna know from you guys did u ever did this businesses which are mentioning to me >?

i am asking just to get information i will may be get loss i just wanna information of ppl who already knows ups and downs of a specific business

Photocopy shop business is good, you can easily get some guy(s) to run this shop. B)

I have a funny idea for you but then people would laugh.