Plz solve my this confusion regarding GPRS speeds over bluetooth

I ve nokia 6230i which have edge support 236 Kbps.

but when i got it connected with my laptop via bluetooth, it got connected on 115.2 Kbps.


I am confused that what maximum speed i can achieve on it ? either 236 Kbps or 115.2 Kbps?

P.S remember i got download speed of 18, 19 KBPS on my zong edge, shown by dumeter,

not downloading , it is browising.

downloading is maximum 15 KBps

it is bluetooth connection speed between ur pc and fone always use cable when available to get better speed.

u will definetly experience low speed as compared to connected using data cable.

but what when i got more than 15 KBps?

Ahmad, the "Shown speed" b/w the mobile phone and the PC doesn't matter

you're still getting full speed and you will.

if you want to satisfy urself by showing more connectivity speed, you can set it to 230kbps from the modem options