Plz Help!

If I want to sell my computer hardware what must be the demand..becz i am little are in perfect condition but out of warranty....They are:

Mobo: Via P4x266-8233

CPU: Intel P4 2.8GHz

Ram: 512mb SD ram

HDD: Seagate IDE 40 GB





Your hardware is old enough that it won't be worth your time or effort to sell it. Just keep it and install Linux on it!

^ well, currently im running windows 7 ultimate on it...

^ Although that may be true, significantly better hardware is available at a fairly cheap price. So either you'll be selling your hardware at a throw-away price or you simply won't find a buyer. Doesn't seem like its worth it to me! Anyways I'm just saying. If you'll only get peanuts for it then why sell a working machine. Its up to you of course!

@fahad; If I would be on your place, I would better keep it or just give it to some deserved fellow. It's more than better to sell it on very low price.

Make use of it rather than sell it.

In fact I do have one P4 along with Samsang CRT monitor, packed and resting beside the second door of my room. I was even thinking to give to some other one at home but then my dad thought to take it to his office, it's may be more than a year now... But I didn't think it to sell on 4k or 5k on that time... Now I guess it would be more cheaper.

okay,,,well i have decided to buy new intel dualcore e5400 2.7GHz and intel mobo DG41rq, ddr2 1gb ram and plz someone guide me which dvd RW drive is best in SATA...(light scribe enable) and which hdd will be best for me (160gb)........and wait!!! also plz tell me that intel built in G41 express chipset is good or not and how much memry does it have (128 or 256 or 512) ???thanx every 1

Are you talking about integrated graphics chip?

If so than G41 chipset has Intel GMA X4500 and if you go for a G45 chipset, it had GMA X4500HD. The main difference between them is that GMA X4500HD can play full 1080p video playback including BD discs.

^ yup, i was talking about x4500.......

Well if ur query is as to gaming.... I would say integrated GFX chip always sucks ... I am sure you will able to play those games which came out 3 or 4 years ago and required a fair discrete GFX card than but not the latest ones.

I am not sure about the fixed memory of X4500 and it will not more than 128MB if any but I am sure you can share RAM.

okay, thanx