Please tell me about ptcl wireless usb internet device usb Evo 3.1

Dear friends:

Please Tell me about ptcl usb evo3.1

1: What is the best evo usb red or black

2; What is the minium and maximum speed of downloading as reality on evo

3: Is speed decrease at night and what speed becomes at night hours

4;Does youtube high qualitty videos and hd videos play smoothly

5; If signals are one or two are they can get full by intena and with full signals what will its downloading speed

6: What is its browsing position


1. Black with Antenna ( i.e. the first device launched by PTCL)

2. It depends on couple of factors such as Distance from BTS, Number of users/ BTS etc . Some ppl getting even 300 KBPS + and some ppl even not getting 300 Kbps :( . ( 1 Byte = 8 bits)

3. Eell it do decrease but again depend on factors mentioned in point 2 :)

4. Yes they do if you getting good speed again depend on point 2 :)

5. Well some ppl are using external Antenna too, you can search on this forum. Secondly, sometimes even u would be gtg full signal but still downloading speed you gets is less:). On other hand sometimes signals are only two to three but still u get good downloading speed. So its all depends on point 2 :)

6. Well browsing is normal but sometimes it even gets worse. its just avg.

My above observations are based on my 1.5 years experience of using this device :)


dear BRO MASTER IS ABSOLUTLY RIGHT,IN QUETTA I AM USING IT ON 2-3 SIGNAL BAAR.MY SPEED NEVER CROSS 200KBps,but around 50kBps is pixed.and i am using the black hawaii device the one with out internal intena,and there is no slot for external person managing evo here in quetta show me the same devive what i am using he told me that he is using the same device,because of the good hardware system installed for this device.and i think for you is good the red device cause it has external antena port.and streaming is very poor.this is my experience.of 3 month.