Please suggest a good led tv brand?

Want to purchase a good 40" led tv. Thinking of the following brands TCL, Eco Star, Changong Ruba and Samsung (without warranty) for budget issues. Please guide which one to go for in terms of picture quality, sound quality and reliability. Thanks.

go for samsung if you can affoard otherwise Nobel or ChanghongRuba are good to go.

Lots and lots of fake Samsung are available,especially if you ask for non-warranty imported/smuggled stuff. It’s hard to differentiate for a new person.

I have used Samsung and TCL, both are good for general purpose usage but Samsung picture quality is definitely better and it has a great media player. The media player of TCL is so so and it’s menus are bit slow and awkwardly organized.

Samsung Plasma TV if you can find one. It’s colours are much better than even Samsung’s LCD or LED TVs.