Please solve my problem!

Dear i am having a problem! initially i had a 256k conncetion but ptcl offered me 1mbps at 256k rate.i requested them convert it to 1mb, these people gave me 1mb rate at 256k rate, and these bloody men send me a bill of 8000 for 256 k connection they said you have downloaded 35GB at 256 k connection and you have made no request of 1mb connection. When i tried to talk to them they (lanti people) replied "we do not know bit and bytes do whatever you want we can not help you!" after all i payed bill and requested 1mb connection again. when this transition is done i am having a DS rate = 4096 due to syn rate because (256*4=1mb) and actually in my line(1mb*4=4mb) and download speed of 1mbps due to AAA restriction.(some one told me if i have 4mb user name and pass i can use 4mb) and billed at 1mbps. the problem is now that...i do not want to run 4mb but to make stable of 1mbps, dsl light is not going to be stable, it blinks almost after every 10 to 15 minutes, i replaced total line pairs from exchange to home end.replaced modem but of no a vain! i talked to 1218 now they replied that my line is sync at 4mbps and my line is not supporting it, i have made many calls to convert data rate at 1mbps but they always say "yes sir" and do nothing!



how could i stable my connection?

Well you have noise issues... anyways there's a strike going on at the moment. your gonna have to wait until its over.

isn't it 4mb data on my port problem? while my user accounts have 1mbps!

could be splitter problem, have you tried to attach cable directly your dp. the above clearly shows that you have noise coming in your line. you can run 4mb without any doubt btw. also in most cases G.DMT is best and stable if your experiencing dc problems.