Please Review my site and how to get google adsense

Please have a look at my site, pakwatan

It is like me classical. Looking for suggestion how to improve. Applied many times for google adsense but refused by google. Also how can i make my forum popular.



pm me for adsense help

post good contents and get traffic then apply for adsense

yes imran you are right first make some presence on internet then apply for adsense

follow google webmaster guideline and check your website meet the adsene TOS.then reapply.

Ok ok ok...!!

Hello it is very easy to get would need to wait until you have 6 months worth of the content. Then reapply - not before that. Try your best to provide nice blog, write some wonderful articles and content (don't copy other stuff), grab some visitors and traffic flowing to your blog, otherwise even at 6 months you won't likely get approval.

How much traffic should be minimum on a blog or site to consider it good enough for applying for google adsense

you must have a ownershop page. create a page on your website, that says you are the legal owner of that spacific website. then apply using that page URl. u ll be getting account in no time.