Please Pray

Salam, my father was admitted to the hospital earlier today after he complained fast heartbeat and slight heart burn.

Though everything including the BP and heart rate is fine now Ma'sha'Allah, he is shifted to CCU for further observation.

According to the doctor everything is ok now and he will be discharged in couple of hours after some rest.

plz pray that he gets well soon. Ameen.



May Allah Bless ur Father with prosperity and health

keep faith man, may god make him well.

you are very lucky that you got early signs and were able to take him to hospital

may Allah bless him with best of health

May Allah Give Shifa To Your Father

may Allah bless him with good health

May Allah Give Shifa To Your Father

May Allah grant your Father a long and healthy life. You should take extra care of him as well as directed by doctors.

Allah aap kay father ko Shifa-e-Kaamla atta karay. Ameen

May Allah Bless your Father with prosperity and health

May ALLAH give you father long life with good health

May Allah Giv your father health. Amin

Its good that medical examination came good and no worrying problem was found. Its such events that make us realize that how much our family is dear to us. Take care of your father.

May Allah Bless ur Father with prosperity and health, Ameen

He well be fine inshallah,,amen...

thank you everyone. he's back home now, some rest with no oily food advised. it happened first time and did made us all worried.

Don't worry my friend, God is always there for us, and he has a purpose for each of us. I think this only a test of faith for you, just always pray my friend and everything will go smoothly. God bless to you and to your father.

May he recover soon. My father recently had a heart attack so I know how painful the whole thing is not only for the person who's facing it but also for his kids and family. Glad he is recovering quickly. Since I recently went through the whole process, if you need any information related to this, let me know and i'll try to tell you what we experienced and how we dealt with it.

Was it a heart attack or was it only a minor pain? I am confused because from what you have descriped in your original post, it doesn't sounds like a heart attack (which would be THE BEST) but then you said he has been admitted to CCU, so is he there only to keep a close check? But that's also possible in ER of any given reputable hospital. So I am kinda confused and well add the fact that I haven't slept all day, all night, I am feeling more dumb than I usually am :P

i hope he is ok now.

God bless him and your whole family