Please critique my WP Theme

It's the second WordPress Theme I've designed, and I'm looking for some feedback from the fellow WPers here. I know some of you guys are pro web designers, so I hope I get some constructive feedback.

See the theme in action here


I like it, plain and simple. But if I was an ardent or somewhat regular reader of your blog, I would have liked you to pay some attention to the font-size of the blockquotes. It's difficult to read and in this world of information overload, not many want to spend extra time zooming.

Good job!

Looks good, the background shading on the blockquotes does not work though. A little wide for my tastes, but on the whole, nice, clean and simple.

I like that font of blog because it resembles that of Vista.

Thanks guys. I'll consider the changes you suggested.

I thik its was just an ordinary one, try to make something like revolution theme, magazine style, there are in demand :)