Playstation 3: Games Exchange/Sell

Guys i have a few PS3 games which i would preferably like to exchange for other games so if anyone of you are interested then do tell me. The games that i have got right now are these:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Fifa 2008

GT5: Prologue



All pretty good games, I dont want to sell or exchange the Fifa 2008 because i love that game and i play it daily. The rest if anyone wants to exchange with their PS3 games or if they want to buy any of the other 4 games do notify me. The prices at which i am willing to sell are listed below:

Uncharted - 4100rs (Just bought from Forum for 4600rs only 3-4 days back. Finished the game so want to sell it)

GT5: Prologue (Jap) - 3800rs

DiRT- 3300rs

Warhawk - 3300rs

want to exchange any of of your game with a COD 3 ?

Played cod3 already :)

want to exchange with armored core 4