Planing To Go To Hong Kong Need Your Help


My Name Is Ayaan Khan 19 years old and i m from Pakistan Karachi.

i want to vist hong kong does anybody tell me that what procedure i can get hong kong vist visa?

2- Anybody know travel agent that offers hong kong vist visa ?

3- how much time required to get visa ?

I went there about 10 years ago, that was when you were not required to get a visa. The entry was given at the airport.

I may suggest you however Hong Kong is one expensive place to visit. It's not that fun either except for all the futuristic buildings and the scenery. View from the Victoria Hill is quite amazing.

Other than that, you will have hard time finding Halal food if you are Muslim. You can rely on the Fish-o-Fillet at Mc'Donalds like we did for the whole week. Hotels are really expensive as well. All this was 10 years ago, therefore I think you can expect 10x more inflation now.

However you may disregard all this if you have direct information from someone else in Hong Kong you know of. As of the Visa, there is no need to contact agent, just go the embassy and submit the application yourself. Agents just rip you off for nothing.

So you mean i can submit the application directly ..

''IS There No Need For Invitation Letter From Someone In Hong Kong''

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I believe you certainly do not need an Invitation Letter if you intend to go there only for Tourism. However if you have no previous international travel Visas on your passport(s) then an Invitation Letter may be sent to get the visa easily. If you have a relative or someone who can make you a letter than why not.

However make certain you have enough money to show that you can fund your visit by yourself. Your can find more information here.

You can apply for the visa at the Chinese diplomatic and consular mission.

No I dont ever go to abroad its my first time in life

so in that case i need invitation letter??

and i have not any firend, or relative in hong kong who can send me invitation :(

so its possible to get visa without invitation letter?

and if there i go on vist visa and then want to convert my into other visa with the help of sponser so its possible for me to convert??

Well, those details I am unsure of. Ask a Travel agent about this, but make sure he does not rips you off. Consult different travel agents about this issue of yours.

Well Thnx Bro