Places Need to visit in skardu

Skardu is the one of the Beautiful Town in Pakistan, It is an Heaven on earth. Skardu is the main town of Baldista along the comprehensive standard bank of the Indus river. It has difficult tracks which are the way of glassier and K2 Base Camp. Daily flights are in operation from Islamabad to skardu valley and from skardu valley to islamabad

The following are the important places which need to visit is in skardu

1) kharpoch fort

was built by ali sher khan in (1560-1625)

2) Mindoq Khar

the meaning of mindoq khar is a flower place

3) Shangrila

This place is also called a Heaven on earth. it has a one of the beautiful lake

4) Budish Roke

it is a rock on which there draw a image of buddah

5) sadpara lake

6) upper kachur lake

Add khaplu and deosai planes sheoser lake

Isn't this the wrong time of year to visit Skardu?