Placement paper website new idea!

here we have seen many sites,from jobs to mobile to movies etc,but i think we are missing one field that is placement paper website(job interview,job test, or entree test also)we can include these things in one sites to help each other,

I am going to launch a blog for this,i have some placement papers from different companies,but these are from mechanical n chemical side mostly,

i am looking for people who have experience in interview can share there experience with me,share placement paper etc.i shall be thankful to all of people who will contribute in this matter,this will be beneficial for all of us.

If you have

Any type of Placement paper

Interview experience

entree test papers

in any format you can share all these with us.

Ikhlaque Ahmed

Erx.tfbs at Gmail dot com send all your feedback here

All WP members are requested to send there suggestion,feedback,placement papers question etc,so that we can start it immediately.

The idea is good.

You first start the blog and then I see what can i do for you..

thanks OSAIDism it will be online very soon. is the link for this new placement paper blog,as you know its in starting phase,so i am trying to update it as soon as i get papers from friends,also i again request you all to share your information,papers,interview and suggest me to make it beneficial for all of us.