Place to buy HDMI cable (Video and Audio)

I am looking for place in karachi or lahore where i can buy decently price HDMI cable capable of carrying video and audio, well looked around many shops and yes its available in many places but prices are like 2500 rupees plus for 8 feet cable, come on man its just freakin' bunch of regular wires connecting two ends, i looked on the web same stuff in many websites selling in usa for like pk rs 500 to 600, i won't mind paying upto 1000 rupees here in pk but the prices i am seeing in the market are like give me a break. any guidance will be appreciated.

Go to Computer Zone near the NIPA bridge...they're selling hdmi cables for 400-500. You can check the price by visiting their website:

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come on man its just freakin’ bunch of regular wires connecting two ends, .


Wish Life was so simple.


Goto Saddar Karachi, you will get for Rs. 350/- as well, otherwise just buy two HDMI connectors and connect them with some pair of wires, any electrician would do it for rs. 50/- only. (I am sure all know what I mean)

Just for a reference of difference in quality, type and prices accordingly.