PITB IT Industry Bootcamp and Remedial Programs

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PITB IT Industry Bootcamp and Remedial Programs

The Vision of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is to make Punjab the hub of information technology (IT) through human resource development, economic activity generation, IT education, outsourcing, and infrastructure development. To get closer to this ambitious (yet achievable) vision, PITB is organizing a Boot Camp (Computer Programming) for recent IT graduates in partnership with the local IT industry (e.g., NetSol, Infotech, Techlogix, Systems Ltd, Sofizar, CureMD, SAP, TkXel, Kualitatem etc.). The Boot Camp will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to be a successful software developer, and thus to become a contributing member of the Punjab IT workforce. The successful candidates will be offered a job position in the partner companies after completion of the program.

The 8 week boot camp program is designed to help students enter the job market with some industry training led by industry experts and instructors. Qualified students will undergo a rigorous program of advanced training and industry project development An online applications process will be followed by a PITB-industry sponsored test to be held in Lahore.

Areas of Testing: Basic Programming Skills, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating System, Databases and Software Engineering.

Passing candidates list will be forwarded to participating IT companies who will then interview candidates and either offer jobs, or LOIs (letters of intent to hire) if such candidates pass the boot camp.

The first boot camp will be held at a Lahore campus. More details about location and timings will be communicated to shortlisted candidates via email.

For more information, email us at bootcampinfo@pitb.gov.pk



You need hands-on experience to be a successful software developer. You don't need a 'bootcamp' to teach you those things and in fact I doubt it will be very successful. Reason being you learn those skills (architecture, design, algorithms etc) from actually coding and working on real-life projects. The article indicates that there will be project development, but 8 weeks is too short a time for it to be very effective, especially since presumably, they will be doing that in parallel with the training sessions/lectures. Also considering the wide range of topics being covered, they won't be able to go into very much depth. Formal training, although useful, is very overrated.

I feel it's a session for preparing for a test and then testing the candidates... And nothing more than that....

And due to that I feel also it wouldn't be so interesting for the students after they join them and spend 8 weeks with them....

Because it's like a reference development for their future next 1st job....

Still not serving a Guaranteed jobs to them. not even to a single Passing Candidate.

In actual the student is going to

1- Apply for this specific Bootcamp..

2- If Qualified, he will have to go through 8 weeks of training session.

3- After 8 weeks there is going to be Test for those qualified candidates.

4- If Failed, the student has to get back.

Only Passed candidates will be referred to the Partnering IT Companies.

5- Go to these IT companies. And

6- Give them the interview to get qualified again.

7- And you get the job (But what is the interview for by the way?.. It needs to be clarified either the companies are still liable to reject the candidate after the interview?)

PITB really should give the Job directly to the Passing Candidates or just should have guaranteed the job. Else what's the reason behind partnering those IT Companies????

And if there is still a chance of the students being rejected by the companies, then

I think it's nothing more than testing your self. because I am not sure there is gonna be a real training session.

It will be quite good if they train really well and give the students an hands-on exposure....

But Getting a Job after that is just a "Show" I guess..