Ping & speed issue!

Assalamoalikum to every one. I have been a very satisfied user of LDN but from a few days i have started getting trouble with my DSL. Its a 2MB DSL package. Normally I get ping of 120 to 150 and speed around 210KB/s. But now from last week I'm getting ping >300 and moreover there's too much fluctuation in speed. At times I only get 50KB/s and sometimes it rises to 140KB/s. It hardly reaches 200 or 205KB/s for a few seconds. There's NO disconnection issue. My only concern is ping and speed which are not good or not the same as i usually get

. Your kind suggestions would be appreciated! I tried calling help line but their response was not quite satisfying. They told me to restart my modem. But problem still persists. Modem status below.

Modem Status

Connection Status Connected

Us Rate (Kbps) 543

Ds Rate (Kbps) 2074

US Margin 22

DS Margin 19

Trained Modulation ADSL_2plus

LOS Errors 2

DS Line Attenuation 47

US Line Attenuation 26

Peak Cell Rate 1280 cells per sec

CRC Rx Fast 0

CRC Tx Fast 0

CRC Rx Interleaved 142

CRC Tx Interleaved 0

Path Mode Interleaved

DSL Statistics

I believe your modem's data path mode is at interleaved.Stable connection at the cost of latency.Also LDN have a bad habit of changing routes at unknown times.Try to get your ports refreshed or changed by LDN CSR.

Also try to trace route on any popular website like youtube.

One phone call is all it took to fix my ping problems for good. Haven't experienced the issue again after that.