Ping Problem?

Hi Guys,

I am having problems from installation of this PTCL 1mb connection

Please Suggest me some ways how can i improve my ping

Improving ping basically because i play Counter Strike n Fifa Online 2 (both iah games servers in singapore n malaysia)

But whenever my ping exceeds 100ms i cant even connect to server of the game

no client of game opens n no game :P

my best ever ping that i saw was 44ms

average ping 65ms n currently 170ms variating day by day

i need solution to overcome ping n decrease it

normally i switch off router n turn on some time works n make ir lower than 100ms

n sometimes doing tests on make it on way but still any better solution ?

Waiting for ur nice comments ty

lol anyone alive :P

you cannot improve ping by yourself, your isp can though... by choosing efficient routing patterns... lets just wait and pray that ptcl improves it