Ping break issue in peak hours and speed is down

I have got 1Mbps connection 1 week back. Issue is that in peak hours my latency goes high and some times it break also when at that time i check the speed at speedtest it shows me like 0.4Kbps or 0.3Kbps. Else the speed in the early morning is almost 1Mbps and there is no ping or high latency issue in the morning. The problem arises from 11am to 3am.


Shot at 2011-02-12


Shot at 2011-02-12


Shot at 2011-02-12


Shot at 2011-02-12


Shot at 2011-02-12


Shot at 2011-02-12

Speed test result in peak hour 11 45 pm:



Speed test result @ 8:50 am:



this reminds me MY PAST


yes i get same behavior.. my timings are 12:05pm -1.30am, when i face high ping issue and ping break. atm something is going wrong with isp which is giving 209ms ping for isb having less than 50mi distance by using

I face this with Micronet in Isb, in the evenings/nights. The speed degrades a bit too. PTCL never had this issue... and Micronet is supposed to be better than PTCL.

then what you guys do when you face this problem?

^ waittttttttttttt for 2,3 more days , haha

Pretty much what Kiren said.

Except - there's no science behind the fix of the problem. It fixes - then becomes screwy again. It's more of a never-ending cycle.

Something is wrong at ptcl end cause my pings have increased by 75-100ms since yesterday. The lowest local ping that I am getting is around 140ms.

Just confirmed now. There is an ongoing back end issue. zzzz

^ yes something is wrong. And its raining also, lol. so 'til we see sunshine or so , we can expect something better or may be ptcl fix something til then hopefully. But i am not wasting my money on calling them now. Lets see how long i hold on for not calling them. hehe UBL ebank site is not opening also thats the big reason of not calling them :D

^Nice reason not to CALL :D

^ haha i dont have other option except cursing them in heart or on this forum :P or praying . :D

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^ haha i dont have other option except cursing them in heart or on this forum :P or praying . :D

Lol@ Cursing them In heart .


u still facing this problem ?

yesssssssss, my pings are increased as it is expected to increase after 12:01pm and will remain as it is till 1am, :)