Photography: I want to purchase a Digital SLR

I'm looking at purchasing my first DSLR camera. I have been involved with photography on a digital 6mp compact cam for quite some time now. I am doing my majors in film production, so i would be using it for educational purposes (photography)

I am thinking for purchasing it from USA and my budget is restricted at $400. Which camera do you suggest in this budget.?

canon digital rebel XT

Canon Rebel XT is very good camera , though I doubt you will find a deal under 400$ , its good models are in range of 800 to 1000$.

In general for brand go for Canon or Nikon , Nikon D40 is a good camera and will be around your target range.

Before deciding on any model do some research on internet according to your needs, do read reviews.

Check out Circuitcity or similar places for good deals.

When I want to buy a camera I go to these sites:

Look at the cameras and then its prices. When it comes to DSLRs (Entry level, cuz of price) These brands are on top:





nikonD90 no doubt thts a great camera

i have a nikon d5000 with its 18-55mm kit lens in excellent condition.2 original batteries included .52K


now photographers top choice is Canon t2i