Photography Event!


my friend requires pictures for exhibition in Canada. More details here..

Let me know if you guys are interested. Will give you international exposure !

Copy right would be respected. If you intend, please send any link of your images that could be used and you will get a reply with all the selected images.



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I have photographs of illegal cutting of trees in Pakistan, cultural heritage of Taxila, and some weather and nature photographs that I captured by myself. I am thinking about publishing some of them.

got any link ?


Check my flickr link below






Ask for Original Prints

i wish i could participate but do not have pics, but i will forward this link to my friends...

Nice pics armada.. I'm impressed :)

Please if you can place the link on my blog. Actually I have made this request on many forums, So It will help me in tracking down. This is really a very good opportunity for you guys to get being featured in International Exhibition. I have tried my best to get Pakistani photographers on top


@ALL who want to participate, I would appreciate if they drop their links on the thread i posted. Because it will help me in organizing every thing !

if you are shy to do it let me knwo