Phone not picking up WiFi signals

Hello everyone,
I have been facing a problem on my phone(Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo).The problem is that it doesn't connect to Wi-Fi when there's slow speed.Whenever i put on downloading at my PC or Laptop or any other device my mobile losts WiFi Signals and just even the download is complete or it's paused my my mobile connects to Wi-Fi.Laptop works fine even with slow speed but Galaxy Grand Neo is facing this problem,I'm worried about it is it a fault in Internet or my mobile?


Some WiFi router has feature of avoiding poor connections, so check it out in your router

armada I’m using PTCL AN1020-25.

Actually avoid poor connection setting is present in clients, not routers. So check your WiFi settings in your mobile.

SupMA5TER Okay i will check :)

maybe the wifi sim is fried or have a problem, should consult to any technical guy who do this work preferably a customer support center.

MrKamran I will get it checked , It’s Mobile Data is also not working i have tried every possible setting but it’s not working.

Sounds like a faulty 802.11 faulty chip, Try to Restore the OS to factory default settings.